Four-Day Mindful Eating Challenge

Mindful eating is a powerful tool to help gain control of your eating habits.

STOP the diet-binge cycle and learn the practices to nourish your body through Good Egg Nutrition's Free Mindful Eating Challenge. 

Each day, we will be chatting live surrounding the foundations of Mindful Eating. Following this, you will receive an email with a worksheet with that day's activity.

We will cover the foundations of Mindful Eating over the Four days, including:

  1. A LIVE video each day, to keep you accountable and help you with this journey.

  2. Daily practices that will help you introduce mindful eating into your life.

  3. Worksheets that will help you integrate this information into YOUR life.

  4. Valuble information that will help you determine WHY you may overeat or binge eat.

After the three days, you will have the information and resources that will help you integrate these practices into your daily life, whilst stopping the diet cycle.

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Register for the Mindful Eating Challenge beginning on
Monday the 14th of September below.

Looking forward to seeing you in the challenge!