Nutrition Seminars

Mollie is a confident and engaging public speaker who is passionate in educating the general population in nutrition and how it can benefit their life. She breaks down the scientific facts into easy to understand terms that is relatable and easily applicable to an individual's lifestyle.

What's involved?

Nutrition seminars are available at events, conferences, professional education sessions, community groups, schools, sports clubs and gyms.

Mollie is happy to create a talk on a suggested topic, otherwise please choose from the following topics:

  • Nutrition for optimised physique and performance

  • Sports nutrition (tailored to specific sport)

  • The Basics to Good Health

  • Gut Health Basics

  • How to recognise your child's eating disorder

  • Women's health (changes in hormones, physique and energy levels around menstrual cycle and HOW to use these changes to the best of your ability)

  • Body image

  • How to optimise nutrition on a Vegan/Vegetarian diet

Please use the contact form for any further information or enquiries.