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Are you experiencing...

  • Constant thoughts around food & nutrition - what you “should” be eating

  • Guilt around foods that you “shouldn’t" be eating

  • Constant stress and anxiety around the food you eat

  • Caught in the toxic cycle of food restriction then bingeing

  • Relying on external validation for your confidence & happiness

  • Dieting, detoxing and other extreme methods to get that ideal body, but not seeing a difference?

I have been there...

I have tried the ‘quick-fix’ diets, constant supplementation and have been to MULTIPLE health professionals only to find myself more lost and confused than before.


But let me ask you this - do you want to live this way in 5-10 years?



Because trust me,

if you don’t make the first step NOW, then when will you beauty?

Through properly nourishing your body, creating vital mindset shifts and learning to accept your body through body-neutrality - I promise, you will begin to see life in a different way.


There is no ‘quick’ solution.


Healing is a long process so you must be committed for the 4 weeks. You must also be open and willing to learn to fully embody these practices for the long-term.

Imagine this...

In 4 weeks, The Mind-Body-Food Method will show you how to:

  • Eat intuitively and mindfully - rarely becoming sickly full, bloated and lethargic following a meal

  • Moving towards a healthy set point weight and loving your body every step of the way

  • Have no more fear towards food and using exercise for enjoyment, rather than punishment

  • See profound improvements in your digestion, gut health, hormone balance & energy levels

  • Create an open and positive mindset towards food and your body

  • Feel more energised, clear and focused

  • Learn the skills to deal with mindless and emotional eating


Does this sound good to you?


The Mind-Body-Food Method comprises of 3 x one-on-one consultations with me, PLUS 3 x comprehensive modules on:

  • MIND: The mindset changes that will transform your relationship with food.

  • BODY: How to truly become at peace with your body.

  • FOOD: The education and principles to properly nourish your body for life (without restriction, or excluding the foods you love).


Because you completed the Mindful Eating Challenge with me, I am also offering $200 off until to the end of friday to sign up. That means, the original $599 is discounted to $399 for you guys ONLY!


this offer is only for the first 10 people to book in before Friday the 19th of September 10:00pm AWST.

Then it will go back to full price. 


If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to email, instagram message or book a free discovery call to see if this would be the right program for you HERE

I am beyond excited to begin this journey with you.